Once you have logged on you can immediately start your course. The process is really simple, you will: Watch a video lesson (as many times as required) Download and complete your worksheets for the lesson When you are confident that you have answered all the questions correctly log back in to your course and answer some questions on-line. When you answer these correctly you can download the answer sheets to check all your work. You will also move onto the next lesson and repeat the above process. To get the best results practice frequently and watch the lessons as often as you can, you will be competent in this stage within 90 days. How the course works To view a complete FREE lesson before you purchase simply provide your name and email address.  You will receive an email with a link to a web-page where you can see if the video lesson is right for you. Learn English UK is a subsidiary of UKBiz.TV reading a book and looking at laptop Join the growing number of students who are learning British English through            Learn English Together Enrol now at only £99.00 for the complete stage one of Learn English Together course.  You will receive an email with your personalised login details. Detailed instructions and how to make the most of Stage One Learn English Together will be available at login. Please use the Paypal buy now button below to complete your purchase. For overseas customers you can use our currency converter to give you an approximate cost as Paypal conversion rates may differ slightly. Booking from overseas, use our currency converter to work out the cost. NB: Paypal conversion rates will be slightly different.
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