Learn English UK is a subsidiary of UKBiz.TV Is English NOT your first language? Do you want to learn correct British English? Learn English Together is an easy to follow course for all the family. You will learn how to: Listen to and understand Speak Read and write correctly structured British English The course will take you from the very beginning, but will also help you if know some English but are not always confident in using it. It’s fun and excellent value. Learn English Together Stage One has 14 lessons lasting approximately 10minutes each with follow up worksheets and help guides. The course comes complete with answer sheets and a certificate signed by the author when you finish each stage.
About the author! Learn English Together is written by Liz Woodcock-Jones (M.A. MEd) Liz is a teacher who has been teaching English to students from overseas of all ages for 30 years.  She has used all her experience, knowledge and skill to develop this programme to help you and your family learn English correctly from the beginning. These are things said by students Liz has taught: Yaroslav Roshcin - from Russia Now a business man with his own company based in Russia, Yaroslav gained a First Class degree at University   and was awarded a prize for the most outstanding student of the year on his course. Yaroslav says ‘’I strongly believe that it was the English language courses from Mrs Jones which made all of   the above possible. I am forever in debt to her and would recommend and endorse her teaching skills to every person’’.   Yaroslav Roshchin picture of yaroslav roschin from russia Zuoyi Zhou - from China Zuoyi is completing her final year at the London School of Economics after having gained exceptional results in GCSE and A level exams at school. Zuoyi says:  ‘’I will not hesitate to recommend this set of useful tools in helping you gain the confidence and ability in speaking and writing fluent English’’. See what Zuoyi has achieved,simply hover over the newspaper heading - well done Zuoyi. picture of zuoyi zhou from china Enrol now and start learning British English. Enrolment is really simple and you will need internet access to use the programme.  This first stage will take a person with either very little or no knowledge of English and at the end of this stage they will be able to structure a range of basic English sentences correctly.  This first stage will form the foundation, the very first building blocks towards giving them the confidence to progress further.  This stage comes with 14 video lessons complete with worksheets and answer sheets which you can download.  At the end of the stage you will be able to access a Certificate of Achievement.  For a more detailed summary of Stage One please view the schools page as the same course and content is used within the British school system. To enrol on the course please visit our On-Line Courses page where you will find details on how you can start learning British English now.  Once you have registered you will receive an email with your personalised login details.  Detailed instructions and how to make the most of Stage One Learn English Together will be available at login. For further information please visit the FAQ page. teenagers looking at laptop
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