Learn English UK is a subsidiary of UKBiz.TV These are the most commonly asked questions however you can email or contact us on the ‘contact’ page if you have a specific question which is not answered here. What is the best way to use the lessons?  The course is very easy to use and there will be a help guide available after you have logged in.  In summary you will: Watch a video lesson which you can pause and replay. Download worksheets relating to the lesson. Download answer sheets to mark you work. We encourage you to practice what you have learnt on a daily basis before you move onto the next lesson. How will I know when to move onto the next lesson?    You will have accurately completed the worksheets and feel confident in using all the language in the lesson. How will I know when I am ready for the next stage?    We would suggest you download a fresh set of all the worksheets and complete them as a test without any reference to videos and help guides.  If you have answered all the questions correctly you are ready for the next stage.  Areas of revision will be highlighted here. How many lessons are there?    Stage one consists of 14 lessons. How long will it take to complete stage one?    You will have access to stage one 24 hours a day for 90 days.  This should allow adequate time to complete and master all the lessons. What happens after 90 days?    Your access to the course will stop after 90 days from the day you enrol.  This is adequate time for you to become competent in stage one.  Once you have enrolled you should focus on your studies and visit your on-line course weekly. Who do I contact if I need help or advise?    You can contact the author directly by emailing tutorsupport@learnenglish-uk.co.uk. Do you provide telephone support?    Any questions regarding the course will be dealt with by email (see above).  For technical support e.g. unable to login please contact the mainline number 0845 193 4911 or email techsupport@learnenglish-uk.co.uk faq's
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