book your no obligation demonstration Learn English UK is a subsidiary of UKBiz.TV picture of school and books Learn English Together is a new innovatory, easy to deliver, practical and logically structured course in learning English for pupils who have limited or no English language. It is also highly beneficial for pupils who have been learning English for some time but have not grasped the basic understanding of English grammatical structures or those who display an excessive use of ‘pidgin English’. Learn English Together is an extremely useful tool to use within the schools EAL. provision as it delivers a structured intervention support programme.   Thus it can form the foundation for scaffolding, modelling and guided talk to take place whilst incorporating curriculum vocabulary as required. Learn English Together is fun for pupils and easy to use and flexible for staff.
The course is divided into stages with progressive lessons in each stage.  Each lesson focuses on a specific structure / aspect of language which is delivered in a simple, easy to understand style. Each lesson has appropriate worksheets to consolidate the structure taught.  The stages are designed to take the pupils through a logical progression in the acquisition of correctly structured, grammatical English. Stage One includes the following structures: Identification of self and others (verb to be). Identification of everyday objects. Identification of objects and qualifying words. Present continuous tense. Simple plurals with number identification. Simple prepositions. Revision of previous structures using interrogative,      affirmative and negative. Development of simple comprehension skills.
The Learn English Together course will help to address most of the *‘Grammatical features presenting particular challenges for EAL learners’. *Taken from: Primary National Strategy - Excellence and Enjoyment: Learning and teaching for bilingual children in the Primary Years.  To book your ‘NO OBLIGATION’ demonstration please call 0845 193 4911 or contact Phil, Sales Director (Schools Division) directly on 07828 752716 or complete the enquiry form on our ‘contact us’ page.
Testimonial: All of the pupils enjoyed the programme and were very eager to have the sessions more often than I had time for during the trial period. All became more confident in using full sentences in their talking and I am confident that when I begin to analyse their writing it will also show that this is so in their writing too. Kath Hurst, Assistant Headteacher Mount C of E Primary, Newark To read the full testimonial please hover over the icon below:
Testimonial: Very simple and easy to follow.  Covers all the literacy skills children require.  Worksheets are brilliant! Mrs K Khan, SEN Support Teacher Leicester Islamic Academy To read the full testimonial please hover over the icon below:
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