Learn English UK is a subsidiary of UKBiz.TV About the author: Liz Woodcock-Jones B.A.Honours, M.A English (Nottingham University) M.Ed Educational Psychology (Birmingham University) Learn English Together is written by Liz Woodcock-Jones.  Liz has spent 30 years working with children for whom English is an additional language (EAL).  Liz has taught pupils from over 40 countries throughout the primary and secondary school age range.    Her pupils have also encompassed the whole spectrum of educational backgrounds. During the 30 years working in the EAL field, Liz has been involved in every possible aspect of language development for overseas students.  In the early part of her EAL work, Liz spent six years working in language centres, where she taught programmes of structured English to groups of newly arrived non English speakers.  She has also worked in language units attached to schools, in team teaching situations in mainstream, and for over 20 years travelled extensively throughout the city and county as a peripatetic language teacher. In addition Liz has been involved in assessment of EAL pupils, production of individual language programmes, preparation of materials for the authority and training for both whole school and individual TA’s. These are things said by students Liz has taught: Yaroslav Roshcin - from Russia Moving to United Kingdom at the age of 12, I quickly realised that my English was too primitive, causing me to struggle with studying at the local school. However, things quickly changed for the better when I was assigned Mrs Jones. Following her structured English language courses I soon found myself fully capable of studying alongside other British students. As we progressed through various stages of her language program, I finished school with 11 GCSE's with grades from A* to C. At college I successfully completed A Levels in English and other sciences, allowing me to enrol to the Nottingham Trent University to study International Business BA Honours course. University education required an exceptional level of communication skills, both written and oral. I completed a placement year abroad, studying and working in Chicago (USA). It was a pleasant surprise that American people thought I was British, and were very friendly due to my British accent and fluent English.   Upon returning to England to complete the degree, I was one of only three students on my course (from a hundred) to receive a First Class degree and the only one to be awarded the Nottingham Business School prize for the best dissertation and overall performance by a final year student. After working for two years for a British manufacturer I started my own distribution company which now has exclusive rights to import and sell unique products across Russia and other countries in the region. Most recently I was asked by the manufacturer to become the official agent representative in UK & Ireland, an offer which I certainly accepted!   I strongly believe that it was the English language courses from Mrs Jones which made all of the above possible. I am forever in debt to her and would recommend and endorse her teaching skills to every person, who is keen on learning English from the basic to the most advanced levels.   Yaroslav Roshchin yaroslav roshcin from russia yaroslav roshcin from russia graduating Zuoyi Zhou - from China Having grown up in both Shanghai and England, the cultural shock I experienced when I first arrived in the UK was most evident in the form of the language barrier.  With near to zero background in English, I was eased into the world of the English language most elegantly at the helping hands of Mrs Jones.  Having had the privilege to have been guided and taught by her, I developed, grew and succeeded.  Now a third year student at the London School of Economics, I cannot emphasise more on the importance of an integrated and interactive approach to learning English.  Having had such a deeply rooted learning experience at a young age, I will not hesitate to recommend this set of useful tools in helping you gain the confidence and ability in speaking and writing fluent English, whilst nurturing a well rounded outlook of the British culture. Zuoyi Zhou zuoyi zhou from china
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